Latest Project 2018 – “Compelling Stories from the Avenue of Remembrance”

The launch of her book “Compelling Stories from the Avenue of Remembrance” took place on the evening of 5th September at Colchester Arts Centre – St Mary-at-the-Walls Church. It was hosted by Anthony Roberts, Director of the Arts Centre, and attended by many people – local VIPs, members of Lexden History Group, families descended from those included in the book, today’s “great and good” and others who had been of great assistance in producing the book. Comelling Stories, Lexden, Colchester

This 250 page illustrated book “Compelling Stories from the Avenue of Remembrance” can be purchased (£15+ p&p) from Lexden History Group by emailing your details to . They will also be available at our Group meetings.

From the beginning Lexden History Group has undertaken various projects, starting with the raising of funds and construction a village sign for Lexden. Click here for a detailed account of the Village Sign project.



The next project was to make a record of residents’ recollections of the Second World War in Lexden. This was Lexden in Wartime volume 2undertaken by Liz White. Some people had vivid memories and were glad to have them recorded. Others felt that they would not be able to remember much, but on discussing what they could remember, found their memories returning and recalled long forgotten events. Although the aim was to produce one book, the response from Lexden residents was so strong that a second volume was printed. Copies are still available, priced £10.00. Please email
The subject of a new project is under discussion, but most likely will be concerned with making a record of the streets and buildings in Lexden in the present day.